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Why do we need more than one pair of eyeglasses?

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There are many advantages to having multiple pairs of eyeglasses.

Accidents happen: If you wear prescription eyeglasses you should always have a back up pair because accidents happen, they can break or become misplaced or even lost and this usually happens at the worst time like when you’re on your way to work or on vacation.

Computer or office lenses: If you are on a computer or laptop for most of the day and even checking your phone into the evening, this can cause digital eyestrain. Digital eyestrain can be minimized by using lenses designed for computer usage.   These lenses help to reduce eyestrain, headaches, dry eye, tearing or even eye twitching. 

Sun Protection: Sunglasses are not only fashionable they are very important in keeping our eyes healthy. Polarized sunglasses will give you the best clarity. Transition/Sensity lenses are designed for everyday wear for both indoor and outdoor light sensitives. Wrap-around styles will help to keep the wind and elements off of your eyes. 

Sport & Safety eyewear: There are several styles of frames and lenses designed to protect our eyes.  We carry a variety for both work and fun.
Fashion:It is nice to have different pairs of eyeglasses to match different looks. A bold and colourful pair for fun, and maybe something more dressy and conservative for work and special events.

Written by Janet Sochatsky, Owner/Optician RO

With more than 30 years of experience, I still love helping people choose the right frame and lenses that give them the best vision and suit their personal style.
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