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Eye Floaters when are they a medical concern?

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Have you ever noticed tiny spots, webs and squiggles in your vision?

These are eye floaters!

Eye floaters are particles and proteins that are floating around within the vitreous (gel-like fluid within the eye)  As we age the vitreous begins to dissolve and these particles can become more noticeable, especially when we are gazing at a plain bright background such as the sky or a computer screen.

What to watch for:

Seeing a few floaters from time to time is not something to be concerned about, most are harmless and just annoying.  Many will fade overtime and become less bothersome and in most cases treatment is not needed. 

Regular routine eye exams will help to monitor your overall eye health and determine what is causing the floaters and if there is any cause for concern.   

When floaters become a medical emergency:

A sudden increase in floaters can indicate a serious eye condition such as a tear in the retina or a detached retina.  This can potentially lead to vision loss if not treated immediately.  

If you notice any of the following symptoms please contact our office immediately or after hours contact the Royal Alexandra Hospital Eye Centre.  

  • Loss of peripheral vision
  • Very blurred vision or total loss of vision
  • Sudden and frequent flashes of light
  • Eye floaters increasing in intensity, size, and shape
  • Sudden or steady eye pain 

It is recommended to have your eyes checked by an Optometrist every year to monitor your eye health.  The eye doctor will note any changes in your vision and check the health of your eyes to determine if any further treatment is needed. 

To book your annual eye exam please visit or call 780-449-9432

Written by Janet Sochatsky, Owner/Optician RO

With more than 30 years of experience, I still love helping people choose the right frame and lenses that give them the best vision and suit their personal style.
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